Faking It.” Freud’s Dora case, its feminist critics, a history of chatbots. Real Life

Paris in August.” Long after the attacks. The White Review

The American, understanding no French, develops a disconcerting habit: after we pass people speaking loudly, he asks, “What was that about?”

Google and the AI Gaze.” An app review. Garage

The Dignified Bot.” Refusal, devotion, spilled milk. The Paris Review’s Daily

Clearings.” Nuclear waste, a memory of war, the French countryside. Real Life

“Marianne’s Breasts.” The Ukrainian political refugees called Femen in their Parisian exile. The White Review No. 19

She placed an iron stave in a tote bag, covering it with a scarf.

“Human as Found Object.” The Skirt Chronicles Vol. 1

Worlds of Pain.” Regarding the suffering of robots. Real Life

The Bot Politic.” Personality need not be human. The New Yorker’s Elements

Verbal Tics.” As humans grow up, our bugs become features. Real Life

This Is What a Feminist Looks Like.” A modest proposal. Real Life

Full Brightness.” Sleep Cycle and me. The New Inquiry

“Y. O. L. O.” An essay about reincarnation and so on, honored by The Missouri Review

Her death just before this research trip I’d planned held irony that was demonstrable—but to what end?

Revising Violence.” Ahmad Kaddour’s paintings. The Los Angeles Review of Books

A Grammar of Pain.” Reviewing Of Men and War, about trauma therapy. Harvard Magazine

The Telephone Exchange.” Orwell, Barcelona, and the Spanish squatters’ movement. The Los Angeles Review of Books

Paris, Exposed.” City and attacks. The Morning News

Hey, I’m Running for President Here!” The outer-borough accents of Sanders and Trump. The New Republic

Vive La Miroiterie.” A long-lived squat, a preemptive elegy. Collected in Making Room (Other Forms, 2015). First published at Guernica

Pride in Paris.” Homophobic protest interrupted it. Guernica

Rap Stars in Marseille Say Policymakers Are Out of Touch.” The whitewashing of Marseille. The Atlantic

The Man Who Tried to Change the Soul of Paris.” Architect Michel Holley, dreams at a distance. The Atlantic’s CityLab

Paris’s Power Squatters.” Not my headline. The Atlantic’s CityLab

How to Keep a Promise.” Education reform in New Haven. The New Journal

Flying the Stars.” Feng shui applied to me and to the city. The New Journal 

Sale of mineral rights at issue; family grapples with selling a historic farm.” One in a series of profiles of the “fracking” boom. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Down and Out in Paris.” Squats in the City of Light. The Yale Literary Magazine