Selected Work:

On Virginie Despentes (The Nation, 2020).

“Story for Malte,” short fiction (The Skirt Chronicles, 2020).

Rosie,” short fiction (3:AM Magazine, 2020).

Two entries in the Quarantine Journal (The Point, 2020).

Investigation into a witch hunt taking place in the author’s Connecticut hometown (Triple Canopy, 2019).

Reporting at environmentalists’ encampments in the wake of police violence (The Point, 2019).


Counterterrorism legislation and the atmosphere in Paris (The White Review, 2018).

On the death of the artist Oxana Shachko (Paris Review Daily, 2018).




For Real Life, a series of essays on chatbots and AI (2016-2018).

A reading, in New York City, of one of these (YouTube, 2017).



On Google Arts & Culture (GARAGE, 2018).

On Marlene Dumas (GARAGE, 2018).

On the chatbot Amme and book The Amme Talks (Paris Review Daily, 2017).

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Representation: Rebecca Nagel, Wylie Agency

A story of Ukrainian feminists in a Parisian exile (The White Review, 2017).

Meditation on nuclear waste involving reporting in the French countryside (Real Life, 2017).



Scripting a “feminist” chatbot (, 2016).



Ahmad Kaddour’s paintings (LA Review of Books Blog, 2016).

“Vive La Miroiterie,” in Making Room (Other Forms, 2015), originally published at Guernica (2013).

Nutrition in 2050, about the food of the future, translation of a speculative fiction (Éditions C. F. A., 2015).